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Legacy School of Sports Science 54 Yates 52 F/OT
L: Roland McDougal 11
Y: Antwon Norman 18, Rubin Jones 17
Woodlands Christian 52 Elkins 50
W: Bakari LaStrap 20
E: Jacolbi Harris 15, Shane Bell 15
BMT United 42 Shadow Creek 40
B: Kasen Harrison 17, Terrence Arceneaux 11
S: Javon Marshall 11
PA Memorial 43 North Shore 41
P: Nathan Clover 13, Kenneth Lofton Jr. 12
N: Josh Cooper 13
Dickinson 72 Morton Ranch 69
D: Marcus Williams 27, Tramon Mark 24, Xzavion Bordelon 12
M: LJ Cryer 45, Wesley Sellers 10, Webster West 10
Concordia Lutheran 48 Summer Creek 45
C: Kenyon Holcombe 15, Adam Stewart (So) 13, RJ Keene 10
S: Dylan Miles 13, Javon Jackson 10
Atascocita 62 Sam Houston 37
A: Tom Hart 14, Trey Davenport 14, Dylan Dawson 14
S: Jerrick Baines 16
Ridge Point 61 Nimitz 30
R: Elijah Thomas 12, Zach Gonsoulin 10
N: Reggie Comeaux 14
BMT United 63 PA Memorial 53
B: Norris Bourne 19, Wesley Yates (Fr) 13, Kasen Harrison 11
P: Amaree Abram (So) 13, Nathan Clover 13
Woodlands Christian 53 Legacy School of Sports Science 42
W: Bakari LaStrap 21, Austin Benigni (So) 11, Chanse Perkins (So) 10
L: Jaden Gillien (So) 8, PJ Neal 8
Dickinson 63 Concordia Lutheran 43
D: Jabari Miller 25, Tramon Mark 23
C: RJ Keene 22
Atascocita 40 Ridge Point 39
A: Trey Davenport 11
R: Caleb Hill 9
Westfield 59 Mayde Creek 54
W: Willie Williams (So) 20, Lonzo Rand 12, Tre Jackson 10
M: Jermon Washington 16, Kavon Moore 10
Hou Christian 43 Aldine Davis 42
H: Eli Bernstein 14
A: Jayshon Cannon 10
BMT United 46 Woodlands Christian 40
B: Kasen Harrison 18, Norris Bourne 11
W: Tucker Nooe 13, Austin Benigni 12
Dickinson 47 Atascocita 42
D: Tramon Mark 22, Marcus Williams 17
A: Trey Davenport 15
Hou Christian 39 Fulshear 29
H: Kobe Haynes 10
F: Demari Williams 16, Sam Akinrelere 12
Mayde Creek 52 Aldine Davis 38
M: Rommell Williams 20, Jermon Washington 14, Kavon Moore 11
A: Ja'Quan Lewis 6, Jayshon Cannon 6
BMT United 42   Dickinson 40
B: Kasen Harrison 15
D: Marcus Williams 19
Westfield 43 Lake Creek 42
W: Tre Jackson 12
L: Pierce Spencer 17
Ridge Point 46   North Shore 32
R:  Clay Baldwin 8, Kolby Granger 8 
N: Randy Woodard 12

Elkins 52   Madison 51
E: Josh Fanuiel 18, Shane Bell 15
M: Bryan Miles 19, Tim Moore 14

Port Arthur Memorial 47   Lamar 25
P: Amaree Abram (So) 13, Kenneth Lofton Jr. 12
L: Sir Isaac Herron 9

Atascocita 45   Eisenhower 15
A: Christian Ashby 17, Tom Hart 12
E: Josh Stewart 6

Morton Ranch 45   Westbury Christian 29
M: LJ Cryer 15, Anthony Ngwu 10
W: Chris Felix 10

Shadow Creek 40   Legacy School of S&S 24
S: Ramon Walker 10, Shawn Walker (So) 10
L: Quinton Ivory 6

Concordia Lutheran 52   Madison 29
C: RJ Keene 14, Kenyon Holcombe 13
M: Bryan Miles 14

Beaumont United 52   Sam Houston 33
B: Kasen Harrison 9
S: Garrick Baines 10, Cam Amboree (So) 10

Port Arthur Memorial 51   Nimitz 31
P: Kenneth Lofton Jr. 17
N: Reggie Comeaux 8

North Shore 54   Woodlands Christian 42
N: Kose Egbule 14, Treveon Taylor 10, Jaron Jefferson 10, Randy Woodard 10
W: AA 10

Yates 53    St Pius 50
Y: Chuks Isitua 23, Antwon Norman 14, Rubin Jones 12
S: Jason Johnson 14, Jaylen Wysinger 11

Atascocita 50   SB Memorial 49
A: Christian Ashby 15, Tom Hart 14, Dylan Dawson 12
S:  Grayson Buehler 18,  Omar Kaniche 14

Elkins 55   Concordia Lutheran 53
E: Shane Bell 21, De’Rail Wilson 10
C: RJ Keene 14, Trey Miller 12

Nimitz 47   Lamar 42
N: Reggie Comeaux 12, Ashton Smith 11
L: n/a

Summer Creek 57 Shadow Creek 48
Su: Javon Jackson 11
Sh: Shawn Jones (So) 17

Morton Ranch 64 Sharpstown 44
M: LJ Cryer 32, Adrian Caldwell 12
S: Tre’Von Banks 10, Irakoze Gilbert 10, Fadi Mott 10

Beaumont United 47 St Thomas 37
B: Terrance Arceneaux (So) 13, Kasen Harrison 11
S: Jonathan Massie 16

Dickinson 73    St Pius 52
D: Tramon Mark 23, Marcus Williams 22, Jabari Miller 13, Xzavion Bordelon 11
S: Dylan Owens 17, Derrick Brown 14, Jemikah Chevis 12

Woodlands Christian 50    SB Memorial 47
W: Tucker Nooe 16, Bakari LaStrap 11
S: Gaston Elie 12

Concordia Lutheran 68    Lamar 57
C: Kenyon Holcombe 17, Kaden Bourne 10
L: n/a

North Shore 59    Westbury Christian 39
N: Josh Cooper 14, Daeveon Taylor 12, Randy Woodard 10
W: Braxton Barry 10

Shadow Creek 46    Eisenhower 41
S: Ramon Walker 19, Zy’Tarious Mortle 10
E: Patrick Punch 23

Legacy School of S&S 58    Sharpstown 45
L: Nate Lacewell 24
S: Josh Farmer 17, Tre’Von Banks 14

Dickinson 63    St Thomas 56
D: Tramon Mark 24, Marcus Williams 20, Jabari Miller 11
S: Elijah Elliott 17, Jonathan Massie 14, Cael Boeckman 11

Sam Houston 55   Madison 33
S:J errick Baines 13, Cam Amboree (So) 10
M: Adam Kanafani 10

Nimitz 38   St Pius 33
N: Reggie Comeaux 16
S: Derrick Brown 10


The opening night of the Super 16 Extravaganza was indeed, "extravagant".  The annual tournament dubbed Greater Houston's Fall High School Championship attracted a packed house at Jack Yates HS for a half dozen exciting games.  Several players made their non-scholastic debut with new school mates, while others sit on the sidelines recovering from recent injuries. 

Sam Houston opened the evening with a double digit come from behind 57-50 victory over St Thomas.  Newcomer, Cameron Amboree supplied 15pts to lead the Tigers.  St Thomas was paced by unsigned senior Elijah Elliott with 17pts.  Speaking of double digit comebacks, Westbury Christian jumped out to an early lead, only to yield the momentum to Sharpstown who cruised to the 67-52 victory.  Talented junior Josh Farmer led all scorers with 19pts in the win. Summer Creek was masterful 56-35 over Legacy the School of Sports Science.  Junior guard, Javon Jackson led the charge with 18pts.  Ironically, Legacy is the only school in this year's field who were NOT restricted by a state governing body from having their coaches on the bench during non-scholastic events aka Fall Ball.  

The most anticipated game of the evening provided fans an opportunity to gauge Yates vs Dickinson.  These teams combined to feature two of the state's most potent backcourts (despite the fact that both teams were missing a key component).  Unsigned senior Antwon Norman pumped in a game high 25pts (incl. 5 treys) to lift Yates to a 55-38 decision.  Another unsigned 12th grader, Allen Udemadu has 12pts to go with a double digit batch of rebounds in the win.  Dickinson's Marcus Williams (committed to Northern Colorado) and Tramon Mark (committed to Houston) combined to produce 29 of the Gators' total of 38pts.  

Action resumes Saturday at Houston Yates HS.  Students are admitted for only $5 while all day passes for adults is $10.  Kids under 6 years of age = FREE!   All games are streamed LIVE via BallerTV 
A limited amount of "Season Opener" Pre Sale $5 tickets will be available for purchase during the Super 16.   The Season Opener takes place November 16th @ Campbell Center.  Limit of 4 tickets per person!
For more info, be sure to download the Rcs Sports app or follow us via twitter - @RcsSports     @djones8301

More importantly, on Saturday, we will be accepting disaster relief items which will be transported and delivered to Beaumont ISD educators and their families who were affected by the recent floods.  Beaumont United HS & nearby Fehl Price Elementary School are not scheduled to resume classes until October 14th.  These teachers and students need your assistance.  Feel free to drop off clothing items, foot wear, under wear, and / or hygiene products to Yates HS during the hours of 9a - 5p.  Spread the word!

Sam Houston 57   St Thomas 50

SH: Cam Amboree (So) 15, Jackson Banks 11
ST: Elijah Elliott 17, Jonathan Massie 12, Dillon Lowe 11

Sharpstown 67   Westbury Christian 52
S: Josh Farmer 19, Fadi Mott 18, Tre'Von Banks 12
W: Chris Felix 12, Tyler Smith (Fr) 11, Kehlin Farooq 10
DNP:  Ja'Vier Francis (Westbury Christian) and Brian Perry (Sharpstown)
Summer Creek 56   Legacy School of Sports Science  35
S: Javon Jackson 18
L: Gerrard Living 12
The Woodlands Christian 60   Ridge Point 52
W: Tucker Nooe 16, Bakari LaStrap 15, Austin Benigni (So) 12
R: Clay Baldwin 13
Yates 55   Dickinson 38
Y: Antwon Norman 25, Allen Udemadu 12
D: Marcus Williams 16, Tramon Mark 13
DNP:  Gerald Doakes (Yates) and Deuce Guidry (Dickinson)
SB Memorial 48   Eisenhower 44
S: Grayson Buehler 15, Gaston Elie 11
E: Patrick Punch 11



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