One on One w/Doug Feat. Kemauri "Kemo" Millender

In this week's edition of One on One w/Doug I sit down with Clear Brook point guard Kemauri "Kemo" Millender (Clear Brooks HS 2022). Kemo is fresh off of a season where he led Clear Brook to the 2nd round of the playoffs and in the process garnered All-District honors in his sophomore season.

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D: Last year you guys made it to the 2nd round of the playoffs and gave Summer Creek everything they wanted and then some...did you guys envision that run to begin the season with such a young team?

K: Yes, Summer Creek is a tough team and they outplayed us in the 2nd half, but we'll be back next season. Our goals for this upcoming season is to make a deep run in the playoffs and win the state championship.

D: What is it like playing with your younger brother (Marcus "Smurf" Millender 2023) on varsity?

K: Playing with my younger brother Smurf is a blessing. Not too many brothers get to play with each other on the same team but we have the opportunity to do that. We have an unbreakable bond and we push each other through life. We do everything together!

D: Two things I know about you is that you love a challenge from anyone, and you play with an aggression you don't see from many point guards. Where do you get that mentality from?

K: I love a challenge from anyone. I want all the smoke because I have a dream that I would love to accomplish. That's a great question about my mentality Doug and I get that question a lot. The Kemo mentality came from playing with the Houston Rockstarz and Coach Revis as my coach. When I was young Coach Revis instilled in me to kill anyone in front of me and outwork all of my opponents. Playing for the Houston Rockstarz was great experience.

D: What have you been doing to keep yourself active and busy during this down time?

K: During quarantine I have been working constantly at the park and in the gym with D1 players and Pros. 

D: What does your workout consist of when you are working out?

K: My workouts consist of the following: Change of speed, shooting, getting above the rim, and finishing at a high level.

D: What are some of the things that you feel you need to work on?

K: The skills I need to work on are the following: Being a student of the game, more vocal, consistent jump shot, making my handle tighter, and finishing in traffic with a high level finish or floater.

D: For someone who hasn't seen you play, describe your game.

K: To explain the way that I play is I play in different speeds, attack the rim at a high level. I'm pretty good at shooting the mid range and spot shots. I added the pull up three in my transition game, and last but not least many have said I've passed the eye test for my IQ of the game.

D: Who are the most influential people in your life?

K: My Pops is the most influential person because he gave me game of the basketball. In addition, taught me a lot about life and adversity. He always pushes me to be the best person/player I can be.

D: What has been your most memorable game so far in high school?

K: My most memorable game is when we played our rival school (Clear Lake) because we beat them by 23 on their home court. We finished with the W and I had 24 points in the game.

D: What do you listen to before games to get you hype?

K: I listened to specific playlist that I created with various artist.

D: What is something that people don't know about you they would never guess?

K: I'm bilingual. I speak English and Spanish fluently.

D: What is your go to social media app...Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter?

K: Twitter is my go to app.

D: Who is your favorite player in the NBA?

K: Russell Westbrook is my favorite player because we have a similar game. I have been watching Westbrook wince he was with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

D: What is your favorite subject in school?

K: Spanish is my favorite subject and I would like to major in Business Management, so I can own several companies and establish a Real Estate Portfolio like my Pops!

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